What is Primary Rhinoplasty?

Primary Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure operated on the nose that has never undergone such a procedure before. This procedure is also known as ‘nose job’, it is performed to ensure a balance of the facial features which in turn may improve one’s self-esteem. Sometimes this procedure is conducted to correct nasal defects that are complicate breathing.

Nasal surgery is a delicate procedure that affects both one’s looks and the ability to breath. To undergo such a procedure, you are advised to seek a doctor who specializes in nasal airway functionality along with plastic surgery. This will make sure that you will be in a position to breathe well as well as have a stunning appearance.

The procedures involved in Primary Rhinoplasty is meant to refine the size of the nose. The shape is also taken into consideration to achieve the most ideal nose portions. Through the harmonization and blending of the nose in with the other features on the face. A well-coordinated surgery achieves a harmonized facial features thus beauty is created.

The surgery is performed by having incisions inside the nose, where visibility is limited. Sometimes, incisions can be made in the parts of the skin between the nostrils. The underlying nasal bone and cartilage is sculpted to achieve the desired nose shape. The skin is the re-draped to conform to the new nose’s frame and all the incisions made are now closed.

After the surgical procedure is done, small cast is now placed on the nose to ensure that the newly sculpted nose shape is maintained. Inside the nasal openings, a small absorbable dress is placed for at least a day to ensure that they don’t collapse. There are internal plastic splints that can be inserted into the nostrils to provide support, these plastic supports are then removed after one week.

Primary Rhinoplasty helps to reduce big noses, make narrow ones wider, straighten crooked noses, remove unsightly bumps, change the shape of the nose tip and change the angle between the upper lip and the nose to instill a youthful appearance. Asian and African American noses have their bridge improved, tips enhanced and base narrowed for a more defined look.

After such an operation breathing conditions are eradicated. Thus, there is increase in air flow where obstructions were causing breathing and sinus complications. It also plays a role in decreasing the concern and rejuvenates one’s self-confidence after an undesirable complication has been corrected.

It is very crucial to understand that Rhinoplasty alone cannot give you the perfect profile you deserve. It will improve your looks, you will need to work on your personality in order to improve your life. Prior to conducting the surgery the patient should have a clear and real understanding of changes to be experienced and the limitations and risks involved in the procedure.

In general, Primary Rhinoplasty is a very delicate procedure with very important details to be keen on. The big thing that should be taken into consideration when undergoing such a procedure is to understand that the final results are dependent on the great extent on how the skin your skin heals. Here improvement but not perfection is the true goal.